Central Administration

5, Craven Hill, London W2 3EN
Tel.: +44 (20) 7723 4787
E-mail: mail@thyateira.org.uk
Office hours: 9:00am-4:30 pm, Monday to Friday

Inland Revenue Charity no. XN41752. Inland Revenue Code no. PACO2HG.
Economic Operator Registration Identification (EORI) no. GB012868326000.

Chancellor & Director, The Office of the Archbishop
The Very Revd Archimandrite Nephon Tsimalis

Office Staff
Dr Michael Tzanakis & Archon Stelios Sakellariou

The Revd Deacon Dr George Tsourous
E-mail: archdeacon@thyateira.org.uk

Press and Information Office
His Grace Bishop Maximos of Melitene

Archives and Records Section
Dr Michael Tzanakis & Archon Stelios Sakellariou

Financial and Accounts Department
Mr George Solomonides

Office of the Central Educational Council
Coordinator: Mrs Ismini Chatzigianni-Gkika
Website: www.kes.education
E-mail: info@kes.education

Archdiocesan Spiritual Court (For Ecclesiastical Divorces)
Chairman: Archim. of the Ecumenical Throne Theonas Bakalis
Vice Chairman: Protopr. George Zafeirakos, Tel.: 020-7485 2149
Secretary: Protopr. Dr Stavros Solomou

Legal Advisers to the Archdiocese
Archon Marios Minaides. Tel.: 020 7323 4450
Mr Demetrios Demetriou

Archdiocesan Trust
(Registered Charity 243715)
President: His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas
Secretary: Mr Chris Caraolis

Archdiocesan Council
President: His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas
Members: The Assistant Hierarchs and other eminent lay people

Archdiocesan Central Fund
Company Reg. No 07606551
President: His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas
Secretary: Archon Marios Minaides
Treasurer: Archon George Michael

Committee Examining the Remuneration of the Clergy
Chairman: Archon Louis Loizou

Clergy Syndesmos “St Athanasios”
Chairman: His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Claoudiopolis
Treasurer: Oeconomos Demetrianos-Christakis Melekis
Member: Propresbyter Stephen Maxfield

Clergy Pension Fund
The Fund is cooperating with the Ecclesiastical Insurance Office Ltd
Chairman: Archimandrite Damianos Constantinou
Secretary: Protopresbyter Anastasios D. Salapatas
Treasurer: Propresbyter Panayiotis Dik

Committee for the Translation of Liturgical Texts
Chairman:  His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas
Members: Archim. Nephon Tsimalis & Presbyter Dr Andreas Andreopoulos

Committee for Religious Broadcasting
Responsible for broadcasts: Archim. Apostolos Triphillis

Family Advisory Committee
Chairman: Proropresb. Dr Stavros Solomou
Member: Protopresb. Christodoulos Christodoulou

Task Force on Social Concerns
President: His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas.
Members: V. Rev. Archimandrite Nephon Tsimalis, Dr. Petre Breazu

Committee on Religious Education
Chair: His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas of Thyateira and Great Britain
Coordinator: The Very Revd Archim. Nephon Tsimalis
Subcommittee 1, Chair: Miss Marina Robb
Subcommittee 2, Chair: Presbytera Vassilia Hookway
Subcommittee 3, Chair: Dr. Dimitrios Salapatas

Association of Greek Orthodox Communities of Great Britain
Hon Chairman: His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas
Chairman: Archon Marios Minaidis
Secretary: Mr Savvas Pavlidis

Camp Committee
Chairman: Presbyter Panteleimon Maxfield