Press Release: May 1, 2020

It is with prayerful gratitude to our Heavenly Father and wholehearted appreciation to the people of God who courageously responded to the Archdiocesan invitation to assist in its philanthropic initiatives during the Covid-19 pandemic that we would like to update all people of good-will concerning our outreach thus far. 

Currently, the Archdiocese distributed hundreds of non-perishable food item parcels to those in need. In addition, special parcels containing fruits, vegetables, eggs, and dairy products were also delivered. Numerous packages containing over-the-counter medicines, hygienic supplies, and nappies were delivered to families requesting aid.  Additionally, grants were given to student associations and to our largest community school. Households requesting financial assistance with utilities, emergency expenses, and funeral costs also experienced the loving support of their sisters and brothers in Christ.

In this unprecedented pandemic, hundreds of people receive consolation and encouragement from the Church as they face the loss of relatives, friends, and neighbors as well as endure difficult financial situations.  The outpouring of Christian love and charity, that is, the carrying of one another’s burdens, is indeed, the most needed medicine which heals the wounds of soul and body.  We are proud to witness the solidarity demonstrated by our Christ-loving clergy and faithful, who, without hesitation invested their gifts  “in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal…” nourishing and helping the “least of His people,” in other words, those in unbearable circumstances and in unpresented situations.

In conclusion, we once again deeply thank the Good Samaritans of our Archdiocese who have generously responded to its invitation to charity, and we applaud those who through prayer and mercy continue to be beacons of Christian love and solidarity in our troubled world.  It is a beautiful circumstance to witness our parishes mobilizing hands of mercy and commanding action teams to assemble parcels, to pray, and to deliver them to those who need them most.  We thank God for this opportunity to serve those in difficulty as Christ commanded us.  The struggle is not over, but together with faith, prayer, and sacrificial love for the other we can overcome this great challenge of our day.


From the Office of the Chancellor