“We the Cypriots out of gratitude, compose a new association to honour in spiritual odes the Holy Apostles and Martyrs and additionally the Hosioi Hierarchs, who are glorious ornaments and helpers of the island of Cyprus.  Thus, we cry out loudly: ‘glory be to God, Who through you, grants us, divine gifts’”. (Apolytikion)

Once again, dear Brothers and Sisters in the Lord, we have the abundant blessing, the unique privilege and the exceptional honour to commemorate all the Saints who are connected in many ways with the island of Cyprus.  Our Church remembers and honours them annually, on the first Sunday of October.

Especially, we who live abroad, have a great need for their prayer and protection, so as to remain steadfast and constant in the faith of Christ, and unwavering in imitating them.

Something which one might notice in this instance, is that the Saints of Cyprus easily extend over the two thousand years of Christian life of the island.  The other point which is apparent is that among them are to be found the three ranks of clergy, the monks surpassing in number, the multitude of lay men and women and not least the many New martyrs. The latter maintained their struggle remaining “faithful unto death” with strong stamina and without lowering the flag of faith during the extremely painful and long captivity under the Ottoman occupation.

All those Saints, who lived on the island of Cyprus, are an endless spiritual treasury for all of us and they are very useful for the various difficulties of human life. They are the compasses which show the right way of travelling and permanent lighthouses which illumine us, so as to re-discover ourselves within the materialistic and disorientated world in which we live.

We honour today the Saints of Cyprus and seek in a paracletic way their favour and protection.

Let us pray to Holy God to be merciful to all of us, forgive all our mistakes and sins and make us worthy to celebrate today the memory of the many Saints of Cyprus.