Jeremiah de Bùrca ordained to the Holy Diaconate

On Sunday 21st January 2024, Jeremiah de Bùrca was ordained to the Holy Deaconate at the Church of St. Anthony and St. John the Baptist in Holloway, London. His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas of Thyateira and Great Britain presided during Matins and concelebrated the Divine Liturgy. Among those concelebrating was the V. Revd Archimandrite Nephon Tsimalis, Protosyncellus of the Holy Archdiocese, the Revd Protopresbyter Mathaios Chalaris (St Dimitrios, Athens, Greece), and the Revd. Oeconomos Reginos Charalambous, Priest-in-charge. The Rev. Archdeacon Dr George Tsourous and the Deacons Dimitrios Mamouchas and Georgios Ntallas also served. Distinguished guests included the Honourable Councillor Gary Heather, Mayor of Islington.

On this significant day of his ordination to the first order of the priesthood, Deacon Jeremiah expressed his deep gratitude to His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas for his guidance and help, and also Archdeacon George for his assistance. He also thanked his late parents, whom he believed would be very proud; and his family, particularly his wife.

Speaking of the spiritual journey which brought him to this day, he remarked that it had been a long one, with many twists turns; yet each of them had been instrumental in bringing him to this moment; and even though it had been long, yet it had moved with surprising swiftness at the end, bringing him to the next step on his journey.
Deacon Jeremiah noted that he had been invited to London by the Archbishop to be ordained first to the Diaconate (and the following day into Priesthood) with the intent of returning to Ireland to begin a new parish of the Archdiocese in Cork. Saying that all Christians are called by Christ to acknowledge Him before the world, he pointed out that an essential aspect of this is willingly sharing the Faith with others, not by imposing it, but by offering it graciously. He expressed gratitude to the Archbishop for his foresight in extending this opportunity to the people of Ireland and for entrusting him with this significant responsibility.

Following the end of the Divine Liturgy, His Eminence Nikitas offered an epogonation to the Revd Protopresbyter Mathaios Chalaris on behalf of the Parish Council and an icon to the Councillor Gary Heather, Mayor of Islington.

The day, filled with reverence and celebration, culminated in a heartwarming reception offered by the Community of St Anthony and St John the Baptist in Holloway.