Celebrating the Feast of St Catherine in Barnet

On Saturday, 25th November 2023, the Feast Day of St Catherine, His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Claudiopolis presided during Matins and concelebrated the Divine Liturgy at the Church of St Catherine Barnet & Enfield in North London. Among those concelebrating were the Priest-in-charge Very Revd Archim. Damianos Konstantinou, the Vicar General Protopresbyter Konstantinos Garibaldinos, the Reverend Oeconomos Nikolaos Kokkinos, the Reverend Oeconomos Gregory Wellington, the Reverend Presbyter Konstantinos Mamouris and Archdeacon Dr George Tsourous.

Under the blessing of His Eminence Nikitas of Thyateira and Great Britain, Archdeacon Dr. George Tsourous delivered a sermon reflecting on the life of Saint Catherine the All-Wise highlighting her journey from a privileged life in Alexandria to her unwavering commitment to Christ, defying Emperor Maximinus’ persecutions. He shed light on her intellectual prowess that sparked a crucial spiritual debate, leading to widespread conversion. Further, he explored the dichotomy between the Western emphasis on intellectual wisdom and the Eastern Christian focus on the heart as the epicenter of human existence and divine revelation. Celebrating Saint Catherine’s shift from worldly logic to heartful devotion to God, he conveyed how this became her true wisdom and strength.

His Grace Bishop Iakovos shared His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas’ paternal wishes with the congregation and encouraged everyone to seek inspiration from the lives of saints like St Catherine.

The day, filled with joy and spiritual reflection, concluded with a warm and hospitable reception hosted by the St Catherine Barnett Community.