Catalin Constandis ordained to the Holy Diaconate in Cheltenham

On Saturday, 30th December 2023, Catalin Constandis was ordained to the Holy Diaconate at the Church of St John Chrysostom in Cheltenham. His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas celebrated the Divine Liturgy and the Rev. Protopresbyter Christodoulos Christodoulou and Archdeacon Dr. George Tsourous concelebrated with the Archbishop.

In his ordination speech, Subdeacon Catalin expressed profound gratitude to His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas and all who had supported his journey to priesthood. He drew inspiration from the Gospel of Matthew, emphasizing the transformative power of answering Christ’s call. Just as the Apostle Matthew left his old life to follow Christ, the newly ordained priest embraced a new journey of service and transformation. He extended his appreciation to his parents who send him to study Theology at the age of 14, but also his beloved wife, cherished children, and the supportive community, underscoring the importance of their roles in his calling.

In his response, the Archbishop warmly addressed Subdeacon Catalin, acknowledging his long-awaited journey into priesthood. The Archbishop praised Catalin’s lifelong dedication to this calling and the fulfilment of his dream to serve the Holy Archdiocese and the people of God. Furthermore, the Archbishop emphasized the essential role of the church as a lighthouse for the gentiles and a beacon of hope for the New Israel.

Acknowledging the challenging times, His Eminence Nikitas expressed gratitude for individuals like Catalin who answered the call to serve the Church, uniting people from various regions into one family and community, ‘the Church of many people’. He concluded with a powerful reminder to always speak the language of love, saying, “But remember that you must always speak the most important language; and that is the language of love.” The Archbishop encouraged Catalin to heed the voice of Jesus Christ, who called him to the Priesthood and to serve God, His Church, and His people. In closing, the Archbishop welcomed Catalin to join in the service and ministry that Christ had called him to.