Archbishop Nikitas in Aberdeen

On Holy Tuesday, 30th April 2024, His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas of Thyateira and Great Britain, accompanied by His Grace Bishop Raphael of Ilion, graced the Orthodox community of St Matthew in Aberdeen with his inaugural arch-pastoral visit.

Upon their arrival, Archbishop Nikitas officiated at the Service of the Bridegroom. He was subsequently greeted by the Reverend Presbyter Professor John Behr, who is responsible for the parish. Reverend Behr expressed the community’s deep appreciation for the Archbishop’s presence.

The Parish Council later hosted an evening banquet in honour of His Eminence, His Grace, the visiting clergy, and the congregation. This event provided an excellent opportunity for personal interactions, where Archbishop Nikitas addressed various inquiries about the faith and the broader work of the Archdiocese.

During the banquet, Archbishop Nikitas offered insightful pastoral counsel aimed at bolstering the local ministry. He engaged in meaningful discussions concerning missionary activities, the challenges posed by contemporary society, and the Archdiocese’s initiatives related to catechism and youth education.

The Archbishop devoted the entire day to the community and Fr John, enhancing their spiritual and communal bonds. He also took the opportunity to visit the new church property that the community recently purchased, marking a significant milestone in their journey.