1st Workshop on Christian Resilience A Success

On Monday, October 31, 2022, the 1st Archdiocesan Workshop on Christian Resilience led by CBT Psychotherapist Fay Kalapoda was graciously hosted at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Divine Wisdom. This event was attended by nearly 60 individuals and lasted for two hours with an intermediary break. Following the thought provoking presentation focusing on how to manage stress, anxiety and panic attacks, participants were able to ask questions.

The Holy Archdiocese Thyateira and Great Britain will be offering in the new year a series of Mental Health workshops focused on Christian Resilience when facing various challenges that life may bring. Evidence-based tools and techniques around how to remain resilient as well as advice on empowering coping strategies will be offered.

For more information, contact the Holy Archdiocese at: archthyateira@gmail.com