The Celebration of the Three Hierarchs at the Greek School of the Community of St Nicholas Shepherds Bush

On Sunday 29th January 2023, the teachers and students of the Greek School of St Nikolas Shepherds Bush celebrated the Feast of the Three Hierarchs, St Basil the Great, St John Chrysostom and St Gregory the Theologian.

Reverend Father Stavros, Priest-in-charge of St Nikolas, Mrs. Ismini Catzigianni, the Coordinator of Schools of KES, and Dr. Pantelis Georgiou attended the Feast which begun with a greeting by the Principal of the School, Mrs. Eleftheria Xenophontos. The Principal’s greeting was followed by a speech delivered by the GCSE-level students on the life and ethos of the Three Ecumenical Fathers and their contribution to education.

The celebration continued with poems recited by Y5 students of the Pre-GCSE class, and the school’s choir who performed “The Little Alphabet” song. The celebration ended with the awards of the GCSE/A LEVEL certificates and Greek language levels to the students of the Greek School of St Nikolas. Mrs. Eleftheria Xenophontos offered congratulations to the students who excelled and also to the teacher Mrs. Ioanna Bakandrea, who leads the school’s GCSE/A LEVEL levels.