Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

As we hear of the persecution of Christians in Pakistan, many of the faithful have asked about the situations there. Below, you will find something that was sent to His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas. The Archdiocese also wishes to inform the faithful that over the past four years we have spiritually and financially supported and will continue to support the small Orthodox community in Pakistan.

From the Offices of the Archdiocese


Bless Us!

Thank you so much for your concern. Day before yesterday early morning we got news that a mob attacked on churches and also burned many houses in Jaranwala city, district Faisalabad. Well, here in Pakistan, these people need a fake reason to attack. They burnt and destroyed 22 churches as well as the houses of the Christian community in different areas. They also burned Holy Bibles.

This is such a horrible situation, due to the electronic media this news reached all over county and situation became very very panic. Although, whole country, wherever Christians are staying, they tried to save themselves and protect their Holy places. So the security became alert and the police reached to our church compound to save our people. But people have left their homes and hid in the fields. Here now the caretaker government has taken a good action and especially in Province Punjab where we are staying, the government has taken immediate action against these Islamic mob.

Today, they arrested 145 people who were involved in this act. The government identified them through the viral videos which people made on the spot. They filed court case, the strongest one, the terrorist act against them.

Christians are very much afraid due to this situation. I got a chance to inform the security officers of that district where we have our church and biggest community. I’m trying my best to encourage my people to be strong in their faith.

Craving for blessings,
Fr. John