Orthodox Catechism

The Orthodox Faith by the Very Revd Thomas Hopko


Basic Teachings of the Orthodox Faith

by Metropolitan Sotirios of Canada

A publication of The Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Toronto (Canada)

Table of Contents

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Foreword to Second Printing

Foreword (1991)


Religion. Christianity

Other Religions and Christianity

God Exists

What God Is

The Holy Trinity

God the Father

The Son Is God

The Holy Spirit Is God

Some Attributes Of The Holy Trinity

The Creation Of The World

The Creation Of The Spiritual World

The Creation of Man

The Origin of the Soul and the Condition of Primitive Man

Original Sin And Its Consequences

The Salvation of Fallen Man

The Incarnation of the Logos

The God-Man

The Divine And Human Nature of Christ

The Three Offices of Christ

The Holy Spirit


Divine Grace





Holy Eucharist

Repentance and Confession

Holy Priesthood


Holy Unction

Concerning Death

What Happens After Death

The Resurrection of the Dead

Eternal Life and Eternal Hell