Feast day:  June 3

Saint KevinAbbot of Glendalough.

St. Kevin was birthed without labor pains to a noble Leinster family, as a sign that he was the fulfillment of the prophecy of St. Patrick of the one to come who would evangelize the region of Ireland just south of Dublin.

He was given the name at birth of Coemgen, which meant “beautiful shining birth.” He was taken to St. Cronan of Roscrea who baptized him with the name Kevin, which means “well born.” He was brought to the monastery at age seven to be educated by St. Petroc (June 4). After he came of age, he was ordained priest. He retreated to the solitude of a cave for seven years, until a farmer discovered him and called him out of solitude. He answered that call as from God and evangelized much of that region, many times going head to head with the pagan witches, miraculously defeating them. He established such a large monastic community that it is referred to as a monastic city.

His church still stands in Glendalough, Ireland. He was abbot of that community until his repose circa 618 at 129 years old.

Troparion (Tone 8)

Thou wast privileged to live in the age of Saints, O Father Kevin, being baptized by one Saint, taught by another and buried by a third. Pray to God that He will raise up Saints in our day to help, support and guide us into the way of salvation.