Co-ordinating Committee of Greek Educational Bodies in U.K. (EFEPE)

EFEPE is an educational institution officially recognized by the Greek Government on April 17, 1992 (protocol number 265), and is based in London. The aim of EFEPE is to promote the educational programme of the Greek and Cypriot Ministries of Education, which aims to preserve the national, religious and cultural identity of Greek people in the United Kingdom and coordinate the efforts of community schools within the U.K. It is within the remit of EFEPE to work with the UK Educational Authorities in order to resolve any problems of educational and cultural nature. At the same time, EFEPE promotes and implements the educational programme of Greek supplementary schools in the United Kingdom, in collaboration with the Greek and Cypriot Ministries of Education, as well as the Educational Missions of the two Ministries.

EFEPE coordinates, monitors and guides the entire educational effort of community schools through the competent educational advisors / inspectors appointed by the Greek and Cypriot Ministries. It goes without saying that each school is still operating in accordance with its current statutes. The fund of each school is fully and exclusively controlled by the school board or the association it belongs to. It is also the responsibility of the school committee, the teachers’ contract and the terms of employment. Furthermore, EFEPE assists the schools by helping them to find spaces and staff and establishes new ones where necessary. Recruitment is ensured by utilizing the members of the two Educational Missions and by contracting new teachers who are paid by the school committee. At the same time, EFEPE organizes educational and cultural events and activities, supplies community schools with the necessary teaching and other resources (books, audiovisual media etc.) and manages any
property of EFEPE.

The President of EFEPE is the Archbishop of Thyateira and Great Britain and two Vice-Presidents the Inspectors / Advisors of the Educational Missions of Greece and Cyprus. The following institutions belong to EFEPE.

  1. the Central Educational Council of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain (KES)
  2. the Federation of Greek Cypriot Educational Associations (OESEKA)
  3. the Independent Greek Schools of England (AESA).