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Youth Camp Fundraising

Dearly Beloved in the Lord,




            I am addressing this letter to you with the festive greetings of the Resurrection of the ‘Feast of Feasts’ that all the Christians of the World had the privilege and joy to celebrate in accordance with the rules of the Church with peace and joy that emanates from the Life-giving Tomb of the Resurrected Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

            First and foremost, I would like to congratulate all of you, men and women, who borne the burden of the sacred responsibility of organizing the Celebrations of the Passion and the Resurrection of the Lord. The Brothers in Christ, Metropolitan Kallistos or Diokleia and the Graces of Bishop Chrysostomos of Kyaneon and Bishop Athanasios of Tropaiou, the Priests, the Chanters, the Officers, Men and Women, the Volunteers, the Helpers, the Altar Boys and the rest of the unknown workers, supporters and comrades in a general effort to have the Churches and the magnificent celebrations of these Sacred Days well organized. Last but not least, I would like to stress the presence and the varied participation and uninterrupted prayer of the thousands of the Faithful that flocked to our Churches during the Holy Week.

            I offer you my heartiest thanks and congratulations. I am certain that the Resurrected Christ shall bless us all, forgive our sins and fill our existence with the joy felt by the Holy Apostles, the Myrrh-bearing Women and all those who had the sacred privilege to meet the Resurrected Christ and hear from His holy mouth, the sacred and comforting greeting ‘Peace be with you all’. Let us all share in the peace and infinite mercy of the Resurrected Christ for the health of our soul and body and for the preservation of peace, both our own and that of the rest of the world, and the stability and unity of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of the World whose Leader and Master is the Resurrected Christ.


A kind request: Special Collection


On this occasion, I would like you to organize a special collection to help complete the works in the Youth Camp of the Archdiocese, such as the construction of cooking facilities, toilets and other essential facilities such as the building of a chapel for our children who take part in the Youth Camp every year in July and August. The Priest must speak to the Flock prior to the collection for the Youth Camp and the Ladies of the Auxiliary organization must carry out the collection and also contribute a donation from the Ladies’ Auxiliary Organization towards the completion of this sacred and also educational, social and cultural project of our Youth Camp. I remind you that the Youth Camps are organized on a private plot of land in Shrewsbury in the Midlands (on an 8-acre wide plot of land) which was purchased by our compatriot Mr Anastasios Symeonides. All collected donations should be made out to the name of the Archdiocese and sent to the central Offices.

With the sacred hope that you will all respond to this call and contribute generously for this cause, I remain with warm wishes and love in the Resurrected Lord and honour.


London, 20 April 2017

                                                Archbishop Gregorios

                                                of Thyateira and Great Britain


Note: This letter is to be read from the Pulpit on the Sunday of the Myrrh-bearers, on 30 April 2017 instead of a Sermon.