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Feast day: March 17


Saint PatrickPatron of Ireland


"Saint Patrick, the Apostle of the Irish, was seized from his native Britain by Irish marauders when he was sixteen years old. Though the son of a deacon and grandson of a priest, it was not until his captivity that he sought out the Lord with his whole heart...

Feast day: March 12


Bishop of Britanny

Feast day: October 10


Archbishop of York, died at Rochester, 10 October, 644.


He lived between 584-644. He was a Roman monk in St. Andrew's monastery at Rome, and was sent by St. Gregory the Great in 601, with St. Mellitus and others, to help St. Augustine of Canterbury...

Feast day: January 8

Anchoress (c. 719)


In 664, the great abbey of Peterborough was consecrated in the English kingdom of Mercia, the gift of King Wulfhere and his brother Ethelred to the Church. The consecration was attended by kings, nobles, bishops, and clergy; among them were Wilfrid of York, one of the great monastic founders of early England, and Archbishop Deusdedit of Canterbury. Peterborough became the center of a great religious renaissance in Mercia, with monks and solitaries entering the abbey or settling near its grounds...

Feast day:  June 6


Abbot of Padstow

Feast day: March 5


Saint PiranHermit (c. 480)

Feast day: August 2


Archbishop of Canterbury. Born in Mercia, England; died at Canterbury, England, on August 2, 914.


Saint Plegmund was a hermit on an island near Chester, called Plegmundham after him and later Plemstall, who was noted for his holiness and scholarship...

Feast day: February 7


Saint RichardSt. Richard of Swabia also known as St. Richard, King of Wessex (Kingdom of the West Saxons) is the brother of St. Boniface. It is uncertain whether or not he was crowned a king in this life, but he is certainly numbered with the "kings and priests" in the Kingdom of Christ.


Feast day: July 15


Bishop of Winchester


Saint Swithun, painted by Dr John CrookSt. Swithun had been Abbot of the monastery attached to the cathedral, before he was made Bishop of Winchester in AD 852...


He was, say the chroniclers, a diligent builder of churches in places where there were none before and a repairer of those that had been destroyed or ruined. He also built a bridge on the east side of the city and, during the work he made a practice of sitting there to watch the workmen, that his presence might stimulate their industry.

Feast day: February 9


Bishop of Llandaff


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