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Feast day: March 13


Bishop of Mayo. An English monk, date of birth unknown; died 13 March, 731; followed St. Colman, after the Synod of Whitby (664), to Ireland, and settled in Innisboffin, in 668…

Feast day:  July 3


Bishop of the Isle of Man


Born c. 410; died in Normandy, c. 474. In Wales his feast is kept on July 31 or October 1 (because of the confusion with another Germanus whose feast was on that day)...

Feast day: January 29 


Saint GildasOften called “Badonicus” because he was said to be born in the same year the Saxons were defeated by the Britons in the battle of Mons Badonicus [Mount Badon], Gildas was born in the lower valley of the Clyde in central Scotland into the ruling family of a small kingdom centred around Dumbarton. As we know few facts about this battle, the date of Gildas’ birth can only tentatively be placed to the decades either side of the beginning of the Sixth Century. Bede indirectly suggests the year 493 for this event.

Feast day:  April 11


Hermit (714)

Feast day: July 16


Cave-dweller of Jersey (6th cent)

Helier (in Latin: Helerius) was born in Tongres in Belgium, probably between 510 and 520 AD. He probably arrived in Jersey around 535 – 545 AD. He was martyred in approximately 550-560 AD. 

Feast day: August 25


Saint HildaAbbess of Whitby. Born in Northumbria in 614; died at Whitby in 680.


Hilda was a grandniece of King Edwin of Northumbria and daughter of Hereric. Hild is her correct name and means "battle." Both she and her uncle were baptized by Saint Paulinus at York in 627, when she was 13....

Feast day:  July 1


Saints Julius and Aaron are celebrated as two British martyrs who died during the religious persecutions of the Emperor Diocletian in AD 304...

Feast day: July 17


Prince of Mercia


Died c. 812-821. According to a popular legend of the Middle Ages, Kenelm was seven when his father, King Kenulf (Coenwulf) of Mercia, died, and he succeeded to the throne...

Feast day: October 11

According to a legend he was born in 525 in Glengiven, County Derry, northern Ireland. His father was a distinguished royal bard, and his mother’s name was Maul. He became a monk under St. Cadoc at Llancarfan, Wales, and was ordained there. After a trip to Rome, he studied under St. Finnian at Clonard, Ireland, accompanied Ss. Kieran, Columba, and Comgall to St. Mobhi at Glasnevin...

Feast day: January 13


Saint Kentigern

Bishop of Glasgow and Strathclyde


Grandson of the British prince Lothus. Hermit and Monk. Missionary to Scotland, beginning at Cathures. Bishop of the Strathclyde Britons in the area of modern Glasgow in 540.



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