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Feast day: August 25


First Abbess of Coldingham, Northumbria. Sister of King Oswy. Died in 683. Also known as Aebbe, Ebbe, Tabbs.


Saint Ebba, the daughter of King Ethelfrith of Northumbria, fled to Scotland with her brothers Saint Oswald and Oswy, when their father died in battle in 616 against King Saint Edwin (f.d. October 12)...

Feastday: September 16


She was the daughter of King Edgar of England and Wulfrida. She was born at Kensing, England, in 961, and was brought as a very young child to Wilton Abbey by her mother, who later became a nun there and Abbess...


Feast day: March 18


King EdwardKing of England and Martyr


Feast day:  April 30


Bishop of London (693)

Feast day: October 11


She lived in the 7th century. Benedictine abbess of a dual Monastery, daughter of the king of the East Angles and sister of Sts. Eronwald Bishop of London, Etheldreda, Sexburga, and Withburga...

Feast day:  June 17


Saint EtheldredaAbbess of Ely (679)


Queen of Northumbria; born (probably) about 630; died at Ely, 23 June, 679. While still very young she was given in marriage by her father, Anna, King of East Anglia, to a certain Tonbert, a subordinate prince, from whom she received as morning gift a tract of land locally known as the Isle of Ely.

Feast day: March 8


Enlightener of East Anglia (c. 658).

Feast day: August 30


Hermit at Meaux (France). Born in Ireland; died c. 670. Also known as Fiachra, Fiaker, Fiacrius, Fialer, Fevre.


The Irish hermit of Kilfiachra, Saint Fiacre, migrated to Gaul about 626 where he was given hospitality and a piece of land by Saint Faro (f.d. October 28) at Meaux, which was part of his own patrimony...

Feast day: September 25


First Bishop of Cork, and Confessor, c. 633. Also known as Barr, Barrus, Bairre, Barry, Barrocus, Lochann.

He was the son of an artisan and a lady of the Irish royal court. Born in Connaught, Ireland, and baptized Lochan, he was educated at Kilmacahil, Kilkenny, where the monks named him Fionnbharr (white head) because of his light hair...

Feast day:  January 7


Saint FurseyAbbot of Lagny, near Paris, about 650.


He was the son of Fintan, son of Finloga, prince of South Muster, and Gelgesia, daughter of Aedhfinn, prince of Hy-Briuin in Connaught. He was born probably amongst the Hy-Bruin, and was baptized by St. Brendan the Traveller, his father's uncle, who then ruled a monastery in the Island of Oirbsen, now called Inisquin in Lough Corrib...


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