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Feast day: February 24


Saint Cumein Abbot of Iona



Feast day: March 20


Saint CuthbertBishop of Lindisfarne (687)


'Saint Cuthbert was born in Britain about the year 635, and became a monk in his youth at the monastery of Melrose by the River Tweed. After many years of struggle as a true priest of Christ, in the service both of his own brethren and of the neglected Christians of isolated country villages, he became a solitary on Farne Island in 676…

Feast day: August 31


Queen and first Abbess of Wimborne. Died c. 725.


St. Cuthburga was the daughter of Prince Coenred, a second-cousin of Caedwalla, King of Wessex. Her brothers were St. Ine, King of Wessex and Ingild, great-great-grandfather of Egbert, the first King of the English, and direct ancestor of Alfred the Great. Her sisters were St. Cwenburga, Edburga and Tata…

Feast day: February 8


He was born around 681 possibly in Devon or Cornwall, or more probably in Chidham near Bosham, about 25 miles from Steyning. His life was one of simple filial piety and charity... 


Feast day: March 1


Saint David of Wales

Patron of Wales. Bishop and Confessor. Also known as Degui and Dewi.


He is usually represented standing on a little hill, with a dove on his shoulder. The earliest mention of St. David is found in a tenth-century manuscript Of the "Annales Cambriae", which assigns his death to A.D. 601. He was prominent at the Synod of Brevi (Llandewi Brefi in Cardiganshire), which has been identified with the important Roman military station, Loventium...

Feast day: September 11


Saint DeiniolAbbot of Bangor (c. 584).

In Welsh-Deiniol, in Latin-Dainiolus and in English-Daniel.


Deiniol, born in the early 6th century, was an important figure in the development of Christianity in North Wales. The son of a Celtic chieftain, he founded two monasteries, both named Bangor, one of which was close to the modern town of that name...

Feast day: July 15


Saint DonaldSt. Donald lived in Olgivy, in Forfarshire, Scotland, in the early part of the 8th century. Upon the death of his wife, he and his nine daughters began to live a monastic lifestyle at home under his direction, cultivating the land by hand, and eating barely bread and water once a day. After St. Donald's repose, his daughters all entered a monastery in Abernethy, founded by Ss. Darlugdach and Brigid, where they became known as the Nine Maidens, or the Nine Holy Virgins.

Feast day:  April  17


Abbot, monks and martyrs in Eigg (618)

Feast day: August 31


Saint EanswytheA Saxon princess who founded a nunnery on the coast near Folkestone, Kent She was grand-daughter of King Saint Aethelbert. She is also known as Eanswida, Eanswide, Eanswith.  She died August 31, c. 640...

Feast day: 26 October


Saint Eata was one of twelve English youths whom Saint Aidan educated at Lindisfarne, where Eata became a monk and a priest. At the request of Saint Colman, he became the abbot. He was later abbot of Melrose and founded the monastery at Ripon in Yorkshire, which he left rather than abandon Celtic customs...


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