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 Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain - Saints of the British Isles - January
Τρίτη, 28 Απρίλιος 2015


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Feast day: January 31


St. Aed of Ferns ('Aedh-og or Mo-Aedh-og, Maedoc, Aedan, Aidan, or Mogue) was an early bishop of Ferns, in Ireland. He was born at Inisbrefny (an island in Templeport Lake) then in the area known as Magh Slécht, now the parish of Templeport, County Cavan, about 550; he died at Ferns, 31 January 632...

Feast day: January 12

Saint Benedict Abbot of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, Abbot of Wearmouth, Abbot of Jarrow.Died: 12th January AD 689 at Wearmouth, Co Durham.

Biscop Baducing was born in Northumbria in AD 628, of a noble English family. When quite a young man, he stood high in the Royal favour and was rewarded for his services to King Oswiu by the gift of a possession in land suitable to his rank...

Feast day: January 19


Branwallader is a Saint of the 6th century, feast day (in Jersey) of January 19th. He is also known as Branwalader, Branwalator, Brelade, Breward. It is likely that the name "St. Brelade" is a corruption of "St. Branwallader"....

Feast day:  January 7


Saint CeddBishop of the East Saxons (664) 


St. Cedd was the eldest of four holy brothers, born into a noble Northumbrian family at the beginning of the 7th century. With his siblings, Cynebil, Caelin & (St.) Chad, he entered the school at Lindisfarne Priory at an early age and learnt the ways of the Irish monks under Bishop Aidan. They were eventually sent to Ireland for further study and all four subsequently became priests...

Feast day:  January 7


Saint FurseyAbbot of Lagny, near Paris, about 650.


He was the son of Fintan, son of Finloga, prince of South Muster, and Gelgesia, daughter of Aedhfinn, prince of Hy-Briuin in Connaught. He was born probably amongst the Hy-Bruin, and was baptized by St. Brendan the Traveller, his father's uncle, who then ruled a monastery in the Island of Oirbsen, now called Inisquin in Lough Corrib...

Feast day: January 29 


Saint GildasOften called “Badonicus” because he was said to be born in the same year the Saxons were defeated by the Britons in the battle of Mons Badonicus [Mount Badon], Gildas was born in the lower valley of the Clyde in central Scotland into the ruling family of a small kingdom centred around Dumbarton. As we know few facts about this battle, the date of Gildas’ birth can only tentatively be placed to the decades either side of the beginning of the Sixth Century. Bede indirectly suggests the year 493 for this event.

Feast day: January 13


Saint Kentigern

Bishop of Glasgow and Strathclyde


Grandson of the British prince Lothus. Hermit and Monk. Missionary to Scotland, beginning at Cathures. Bishop of the Strathclyde Britons in the area of modern Glasgow in 540.


Feast day: January 8

Anchoress (c. 719)


In 664, the great abbey of Peterborough was consecrated in the English kingdom of Mercia, the gift of King Wulfhere and his brother Ethelred to the Church. The consecration was attended by kings, nobles, bishops, and clergy; among them were Wilfrid of York, one of the great monastic founders of early England, and Archbishop Deusdedit of Canterbury. Peterborough became the center of a great religious renaissance in Mercia, with monks and solitaries entering the abbey or settling near its grounds...


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