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Feast day: February 3


Saint WerburgaAlso know as Werburgh, Wereburga, Wereburg, Verbourg.


Benedictine, patroness of Chester, Abbess of Weedon, Trentham, Hanbury, Minster in Sheppy, and Ely, born in Staffordshire early in the seventh century; died at Trentham, 3 February, 699 or 700...

Feast day: October 12


Born in Northumberland in 634, Saint Wilfrid was educated at Lindesfarne and then spent some time in Lyons and Rome. Returning to England, he was elected abbot of Ripon in 658 and introduced the Roman rules and practices in opposition to the celtic ways of northern England... 

Feast day: July 7


Bishop of Eichstatt


Bishop and missionary. A native of Wessex, England, he was the brother of Sts. Winebald and Walburga and was related through his mother to the great St. Boniface...

Feast day:  November 3


Saint WinifrideIn Welsh her name is Gwenfrewi. She was the niece of the great Saint Beuno the Wonderworker and she lived with her parents higher up the valley from his cell and wattle chapel, on the hill where the parish church now stands. According to tradition, Caradoc the son of a local chieftain sought refreshment from her while out hunting and then attempted to seduce her. She repelled his advances and ran towards her uncle's chapel for sanctuary...

Feast day: March 3


Abbot of Landevennec (6th cent.).


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