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Feast day:  May 27


Saint BedeMonk of Jarrow, biblical scholar (735)


St Bede, or the Venerable Bede, as he is often called, was born in 673 A.D. on the land of the monastery of Saints Peter and Paul in Wearmouth. At the age of 7 he was entrusted to the care of Benedict Biscop, the founder of the monastery, and then to Ceolfrith who in 681 was appointed Abbot of the monastery’s new foundation in Jarrow. Bede spent the rest of his life in the monastery. He was ordained deacon at the age of 19 and priest at 30...

Feast day: January 12

Saint Benedict Abbot of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, Abbot of Wearmouth, Abbot of Jarrow.Died: 12th January AD 689 at Wearmouth, Co Durham.

Biscop Baducing was born in Northumbria in AD 628, of a noble English family. When quite a young man, he stood high in the Royal favour and was rewarded for his services to King Oswiu by the gift of a possession in land suitable to his rank...

Feast day:  April  21


Abbot of Clynnog (640)


Beuno was born in Powys, supposedly at Berriew, the grandson of a prince of that realm. After education and ordination in the monastery of Bangor-on-Dee in north-east Wales, he became an active missionary, Cadfan, King of Gwynedd, being his generous benefactor…

Feast day: August 11


Bishop of Bute (Dunblane). Late 6th century.


Saint Blane, a disciple of Saint Comgall (f.d. May 11) and Saint Canice (f.d. October 11), was nobly born on Bute Island, Scotland...

Feast day: February 23


Saint BoisilAbbot of Melrose Abbey, Scotland, d. 664.


Almost all that is known of St. Boisil is learnt from Bede (Eccles. Hist., IV, xxvii, and Vita Cuthberti). He derived his information from Sigfrid, a monk of Jarrow, who had previously been trained by Boisil at Melrose.

St. Boisil's fame is mainly due to his connection with his great pupil, St. Cuthbert, but it is plain that the master was worthy of the disciple. Contemporaries were deeply impressed with Boisil's supernatural intuitions. When Cuthbert presented himself at Melrose, Boisil exclaimed "Behold a servant of the Lord", and he obtained leave from Abbot Eata to receive him into the community at once...

Feast day:  June 17


Saint BotolphAbbot of Icanho (in East Anglia) (680)


'Saint Botolph was born in Britain about the year 610 and in his youth became a monk in Gaul. The sisters of Ethelmund, King of East Anglia, who were also sent to Gaul to learn the monastic discipline, met Saint Botolph, and learning of his intention to return to Britain, bade their brother the King grant him land on which to found a monastery…

Feast day: January 19


Branwallader is a Saint of the 6th century, feast day (in Jersey) of January 19th. He is also known as Branwalader, Branwalator, Brelade, Breward. It is likely that the name "St. Brelade" is a corruption of "St. Branwallader"....

Feast day:  May 16


Saint BrendanAbbot of Clonfert (6th cent.)


He was born around 484 at Tralee in Kerry, Ireland. He founded several monasteries in Ireland, of which the chief was Cluain Ferta Brenaind (anglicized as Clonfert) in County Galway. His missionary and pastoral travels took him on voyages to the Scottish islands, and possibly to Wales; thus in his own time he was known as 'Brendan the Voyager.' He reposed in peace...

Feast day: February 1


Saint BridgetAlso known as: Bride; Bride of the Isles; Bridget of Ireland; Bridget; Brigid of Kildare; Brigit; Ffraid; Mary of the Gael.


Born in 453 at Faughart, County Louth, Ireland and died on 1 February 523 at Kildare, Ireland of natural causes; buried in Downpatrick, Ireland with Saint Patrick and Saint Columba; head removed to Jesuit church in Lisbon, Portugal...



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