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 Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain - Saints of the British Isles
Τρίτη, 28 Απρίλιος 2015
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Saints of the British Isles A


Feast day: January 31


St. Aed of Ferns ('Aedh-og or Mo-Aedh-og, Maedoc, Aedan, Aidan, or Mogue) was an early bishop of Ferns, in Ireland. He was born at Inisbrefny (an island in Templeport Lake) then in the area known as Magh Slécht, now the parish of Templeport, County Cavan, about 550; he died at Ferns, 31 January 632...

Feast day: August 31


Saint AidanBishop of Lindisfarne. Born in Ireland; died 651. Also known as Aeda or Áedán (in old Irish).


Saint Aidan is said to have been a disciple of Saint Senan (f.d. March 8) on Scattery Island, but nothing else is known with certainty of his early life before he became a monk of Iona... 

Feast day:  June 17


Saint AlbanFirst Martyr of Britain in Verulamium (c. 209)


He was a soldier in the Roman army and, according to the venerable Bede, was brought to faith in Christ by a fugitive priest to whom he gave shelter. The saint exchanged clothes with the priest, allowing him to escape and ensuring his own martyrdom. Some writers, including St Bede, place his martyrdom during the reign of Diocletian (286-303)...

Feast day:  May 25


Saint AldhelmBishop of Sherborne (6th cent.)

Feast day:  April 19


Archbishop of Canterbury (1012)

Feast day:  May 1


Bishop of Llanelwy (6th cent.) 

Feast day:  May 26


Saint Augustine of Canterbury

Archbishop of Canterbury (605)


He is the founder of the Church in southern England, which at that time was almost entirely pagan, though Christianity thrived in the Celtic lands of Ireland, Wales and parts of Scotland. Augustine, a monk at the monastery of St Andrew in Rome, was chosen by Pope Gregory I to lead a mission to England


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