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Encyclical on the Celebrations of Greek and Christian Letters.

Beloved in the Lord,

This year the Archdiocese of Thyateira and Great Britain has again taken the initiative in organizing celebrations in honour of Greek and Christian Letters, as it does every year. This year the celebrations will start on Thursday the 25th of January, the feast of our Father amongst the saints, Saint Gregory the Theologian, Archbishop of Constantinople and will end on Friday the 2nd of February, the Feast of the Lord, the Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple.

The official celebration will take place on Tuesday, 30th January 2018 at 7:00 pm at the Hellenic Centre. The speaker will be Mr Constantine Deliconstantis, Professor of the University of Athens and Director of the Office of His All-Holiness, our Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew. The subject of his talk will be: “The Contemporary Crisis in Education and the Spiritual Heritage of the Three Hierarchs”.

We encourage the Clergy and Administrative Councils to organize local celebrations and talks to honour the Fathers of the Church and their enduring contribution to Education, to virtue and an understanding of Man as a creature in “the image and likeness of God”. We also anticipate that everyone will take part in the official celebration of Letters; the Choir of the Archdiocese School for Byzantine Music and Chant will present a programme with seasonal hymns.

Wishing you all a blessed New Year 2018, that is both fruitful in good deeds and peaceful, and looking forward to our meeting and fellowship on Tuesday 30th January 2018, I remain with warm blessings, love and honour in the Lord.

January 2018

Archbishop of Thyateira
and Great Britain, Gregorios

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